Compact laminate board phenolic panel

Compact laminate board is designed for indoor horizontal and upright surface usage. This product has properties of solid, impact resistant, water-proof and moisture proof, etc. Compact laminate board is high strengthen sheet made by high voltage polymerization of wooden fiber and thermosetting resin. It has an integrated colored resin surface for decoration, making it not only suitable for interior decoration but also for outdoor facilities. The strong weather resistance makes its surface remain unaffected when exposed to sun, rainwater, wind erosion or moisture, and the temperature change will also not affect the appearance and features.

Products Details

Product DisplayBending Compact laminateSize: 1220x2440mm, 1220x3000mm, various sizes can be customized according to customer needs Thickness: 2mm to 25mm Color plain color, wood grain color, marble grain, etc Surface: Matt, semi Matt, high gloss, etcBending Compact laminate is made of decorative colored paper impregnated with melamine resin, and laminated with multiple layers of black or brown kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin, and then pressed with steel plate under high temperature (150°C) and high pressure (1430psi) environment, the thickness is from 0.3 mm to 3mm can be produced. Bending Compact laminate is obtained by using professional molds for secondary curing and deep processing. Paper, and then pressed with etched steel plate under the environment of 150℃ high temperature and 1430psi high pressure, and formed by dissolving and semi-hardening. More than 20 kinds of three-dimensional surface textures such as light to meet different decorative needs. The anti-bending special board is mainly used in the yin and yang corners of the wall, with strong stability, flatness and no deformation to meet different decorative needs.Features● Waterproof, moisture proof, and mildew proof ● Strong acid and alkali resistant; chemical resistant ● Impact resistant, wear resistant, and scratch resistant ● Anti-microbial, anti-ultraviolet, and easy to clean ● Fire proof; burning smoke proof ● Strong stability, flattening, and not easy to deform ● Rich surface treatment with color variety ● Non-toxic, non-poison, green and environment protectiveProduct Details

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